Essie Cocktail Bling- Bobbing for Baubles w/ Luxeffects- Pure Pearlfection

I’m strange. While the Luxeffects line is pretty, there weren’t any was dyyyyyyying to have unlike the other 99.999998854765% of the nail blogging population. Instead it was more of an “If I see them, maybe I’ll pick one or two up.” Once I saw swatches, I was drawn to Pure Pearlfection. Probably because it was the most low-key of line. Shine of the Times is pretty, but I wouldn’t get much wear out of it, mostly because it’s got an orange hue, and partly because it’s not really office friendly. Pure Pearlfection is a great holiday polish. It’s a very subtle silvery white micro shimmer top coat that gives a frosty finish. When you go out into the sunshine, there are glimmers of blue and purple. It is SO. PRETTY. I think one coat looks great over Bobbing for Baubles, and I can’t wait to try it over several other colors, both dark and light. Hit the jump to see Bobbing for Bauble on its own!

Bobbing for Baubles is from Essie’s Cocktail Bling line. Despite being blue, it is my favorite of the four colors I have from this line. It’s a dark and dusty navy blue creme. Every other navy blue I have (all 2 of them) is a jelly. I like the creme formula of this Essie best because it dries a bit dull, which I like with this particular color. What I also like about BfB is that it does not appear to be black in any light. You can always tell it is a blue polish. Here I used 2 coats for opacity. I absolutely LOVE this color, and it is currently one of my favorite polishes in my collection. It’s a great base colors for my various glitters and flakies, and wonderful on its own as well. I have to say, after a shaky start, I’ve been really impressed with Essie’s formulas on their darker colors. This formula is an absolute dream. It cleans up really easily and really well. I’ve probably worn this polish 7-8 times in the 2 months I’ve had it. And for several days at a time. I may need a back up bottle at this rate.


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  1. Added both of these to my need list…. damnit haha

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