Sinful Colors – Daddy’s Girl Goes Argyle

I’ve been meaning to post this color since September when I picked it up. I had the retardedly cutesy notion that I could post it on my Dad’s bday haha (not that he reads the blog, but just because I could). I actually did the mani, but my pics were lost in the Great Computer Meltdown and I finallllyyyy got around to using the color again this past weekend.

I love this color, and would be surprised if Sandy didn’t own it, being our resident purple girl. It’s a fairly sheer purple jelly, so it takes 3 coats to get the deep royal purple you see here, but it’s a decent enough formula that the extra layer isn’t a problem for application or drying time. I couldn’t quite get a picture of it, but the shimmer in it actually is a gold-ish color which really makes it pop.

Now, I’m sure Mel has been patiently reading through this wanting to know about that awesome argyle accent nail… guess she’ll have to hit the jump to find out how I managed it!

Mel and I had a dinner/chick chat date a little over a week ago, and she convinced me to run over to Rite Aid with her to look at nail stuff (yeah, like that was a hard sell…) When we were there, she found this great little stamping kit she had seen Nouveau Cheap review, and seeing as I trust both of their judgements, I bought it! I’ve been playing it with it on just about every mani lately, and this is one of my favorites. My plates were slightly different from G’s,  and the argyle was one of the options.  I used Sinful Colors – Snow Me White for the stamping after my whole mani had dried under a coat of Seche Vite, then topped the stamp with another SV coat which actually made the white a little see-through and purple tinted and made a really cool effect. It took a little patience to get the design just right, there is a sweet spot you have to find to press it evenly and around the nail without smudging it, but once mastered I LOVED the results!!!

And more importantly, Mel will love that I found the set with this plate on Amazon 😉


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  1. Looooooooove this!! can’t wait to try it!

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