Hail To The Redskins!!!

Yes, I know we are terrible. Yes, I know we probably aren’t going to win today. Yes, I still love my team, and will until the day I die. When I saw The Daily Varnish tweet about NFL nail polish a few months ago, it was all I talked about until my parents finally bought it for me for my birthday. Today is the first time I’ve had a chance to wear it, for some reason or another. And I think this turned out really cute!

I used:

1coat China Glaze Ridge Filler
2coats Burgundy
2coats Gold
1coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I was genuinely SHOCKED at how decent this polish is. It’s by KE Specialties, which do customized products for sports teams. They are not a nail polish company nor, from my research, do the appear to be affiliated with a nail polish company they outsource to. But nail polish companies could take a lesson from them on formula for yellow polish. The formula for this was great. 2 medium coats provided full opacity without streaks or bald spots, a rare occurrence in a nail polish. And I really like the burgundy color on it’s own! It also applied easily in two coats. It’s a wee bit redder than Redskin’s burgundy should be, but I can overlook this since it’s NFL polish. I love that the NFL has started catering towards the female demographic in a way that does not involve bedazzled pastel colored jerseys. Because the gold is a little bit scary as a solid color on my skin tone, I added some burgundy dots with my dotting tool. I’m still learning how to use the dotting tool properly, so they aren’t as neat as they could be, but it’s a lot better than the last time I used it. I may or may not have watched a YouTube video of an obnoxiously peppy girl to learn a good technique. I feel dirty. But anyway. This polish was incredibly easy to apply and work with. I also LOVE that they put the team logo on the bottle!!

You can buy NFL polish for all 32 teams online at NFL Shop for $14.95. I’m not sure if you can buy them at your team’s official store or not. But they are a great way to show team support!


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  1. I think I’ll try my Texans polish w/ the decals I made of the logo. This looks cute!

    • Thanks! I had to break up that gold, it was bleck against my skin. Your decals will look super cute! Aren’t the Texans’ polishes a bit shimmery, or was that the bottle?

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