Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Seduction

This polish super SUPER surprised me. This is two coats of Mattese Elite – Seduction. This is two coats over yesterdays mani, and you would never even know it! Two coats to pure glitter coverage= instant love, but it didn’t stop surprising me there. Since Mel had tried to protect her holo by not using a top coat, I wanted to show mine with. I used 2 coats of Seche Vite, and my nails are pretty smooth! They look smooth, you really only get a slight rumble when feel them. I’m sure a coat of Gelous or another of Seche Vite would give you complete smoothness, but honestly, 2 coats and it didn’t bother me a bit. Also, and more importantly, I don’t think it even remotely tainted the GORGEOUS holo! It’s probably the most intense holo in my collection, and I love it. The only suggestion I have for anyone wearing this polish is WRAP YOUR TIPS. It’ll make the wear a lot more comfortable if the edges of your nails aren’t rough with glitter. Then enjoy spending all your time staring at your nails! haha

I have a few more pics for you after the jump, including some shots that show the “a lavender-based explosion of iridescent sparkle” 😉

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  1. that bottle shot is haaaaaaaaaaaaawt!!! Love this glitter, and I wants it!

  2. I wasn’t floored by the collection when I saw it but seeing your swatch of this one, hmm I might get it!

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