Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Passion

Here’s my purple glitter! (I really love purple if you couldn’t tell)

So at first this seems like your standard super dense glitter.

1 coat Seche Retain
3 coats Mattese Elite – Intoxicating
2 coats Mattese Elite – Passion
1 coat Gelous
1 coat Seche Vite

That is, until I turned my kitchen lights on (I have bright kitchen lights) and washed my hands…

More under the cut…..

I know, goofy picture but my kitchen lights and water on my hands really brought out the bling.  As you can see, there is a SLIGHT (and I mean slight) holo that you really have to look for (but my camera captured it!).  I haven’t seen this glitter under the sun but I would think some holoness could come out.  Overall though, this is NOT holo at first glance like Seduction or Mysterious but it’s still pretty, right?. describes it as a  “Pink, purple and silver glitter collide in this romantic outburst.”  I can dig it.  Nothing like a romantic outburst of PASSION baby!! (yeah, no?)

The application is a 2 coater, and I had to go back to cover up baldish spots to get the complete coverage I needed. (I know most people like baldish spots, but I want 100% NAIL COVERAGE).  Anyway, with a little bit of work, it’s achievable with this polish.  I am totally loving the sparkle.  Ohh yeah, and this glitter is a top coat EATER so it’s gritty unless you put on 2 top coats.  I chose Gelous and Seche Vite and got a smooth finish:)

Passion is another polish from the Seductive Winter Wonderland Fall/Winter 2011 collection by Mattese Elite.  You can pick up Mattese Elite online, or at any Ricky’s NYC location for $5.99.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!!  Go Ravens 😉


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