Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland- Mysterious

This was the polish that, when we first received the press release in our inbox, I said “I WANT THAT ONE!” because I love mint green, which is what I originally thought it was. Ricky’s describes it as “blue meets green in this polychromatic, holographic glitzfest” so I wasn’t too far off base! But this glitter is beautiful, and may just become one of my favorites.

I Used:

1coat Orly Bonder
1coat Mattese Elite- Temptation
1coat Mattese Elite- Mysterious

A mysterious temptation indeed! I did not use a top coat mainly because I had read somewhere that top coat reduces holo effects, something I haven’t had a lot of experience with.  But it wasn’t something I wanted to risk. Be aware, this is a dense and thirsty glitter, so be prepared to use several coats of top coat. Sandy has a great top coat formula for this. My one coat is a thick coat of Mysterious. But that thick coat has full coverage, without any bald spots, and applied easily. I love the color combination of Mysterious and Temptation and I’m really pleased that I ended up with these colors.  I cannot wait to try this over other colors. And I’ll be sure to share pictures!!

I love that this is a subtle holo shimmer. I feel like a good deal of holographic glitters look like a leprechaun puked rainbows all over your fingers, and this one does not. It’s still not “work appropriate” but that’s okay. It’s multi-colored gorgeousness. There are not many colors I have a backup of, but this may become one of them.

You can pick this up at Ricky’s NYC online or any of their store locations for $5.99. They are currently running a 20% off Mattese Elite products, so get. on. it. And a huge thanks to Ricky’s for providing these polishes for our review.

**Apologies for the label shot as the main swatch. I had a little oopsie boo boo 
while swatching and got polish all over the front of the bottle. I didn't want to
risk my mani by doing immediate clean up, so here we are. After taking a main
swatch, I cleaned up the bottle for a "holo shot." You can see the holo
clearly in this shot, as well as in the slightly blurry picture.**

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  1. Really impressed with your picture! Glitter is captured nicely!!!

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