Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Uninhibited

When I saw this color was part of the collection, I knew it was one of my “must haves”. And I got SO much more than I bargained for! It’s by far the most versatile  in this collection, and while the snowy opalescence is definitely winter appropriate, it’s also a color that can be a year round staple. The best part of it’s versatility? It’s totally work appropriate, even Mel would agree!

The best place to start on this polish is the formula. It’s a great easy flowing, not too thin, not to thick consistency. Also, one coat goes on smoothly with no bald spots. Now, the actual color is a little thin, which is why I wanted to show it as a french mani. My VNL was annoying me and as you can see on my pinkie, I have a little bit of staining that shows through 😦 On it’s own, it takes a good 3 coats to minimize the VNL, and I say minimize because I didn’t want to go thicker and it was still showing in some lights.  I guess it could be a downside, but I think that’s a person by person call. Besides, I had other things in mind for this polish. For people with shorter nails, I don’t think it would really won’t be an issue, and you may even get by with 2 coats. Or for people that want to just slightly fancy up a bare nail look, one coat would be perfect. I also think this color would be a great way to frosty up other colors! So, this color is a win in my book.

What I did for the pics was is 3 coats over a french tip. And I used my new nail stamp kit and Mattese Elite – Vig to make it wintery and fun! For complete mani review (and to see what color this has replaced in my stash!!), hit the jump!

I know it’s been a while, but do we remember my birthday mani? The horrible 10 Professional Nail Lacquer – Birthday Suit that n-e-v-e-r dried?? THIS IS WHAT I WANTED THAT TO BE!!! Once I realized that, I knew I had to do a french mani. I love the look, but I rarely go for the classic colors for it. I usually am more prone to do a cotton candy look haha, but I’ve wanted something like Uninhibited in my collection for a while for when I do need something with a little class. I used one coat Orly – Nail Armor (my newest basecoat, few more tries before I can give it a full review) to start it off. Then I used a nail art pen to do my white tips, followed by 3 coats of Uninhibited. Yeah, I pulled a Mel, I did a 3 coater for funzies not because it was truly necessary haha. Topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite!

Doing three coats also let me really show you the creaminess in this color and the pearl. It was hard to capture, but in this picture you can kind of see the hint of the opalescence near the glare spot. That shimmer is really much more apparent in real life.

The stamps are from a set I bought at Rite Aid last weekend, I’ll review it soon, but I will say that Vig worked wonderfully for it. It’s pigmentation and consistency are great for stamping! And I like how the colors went together to make a festive winter mani that wasn’t super Christmas-y. Those mani’s will not be on my hands until after Black Friday haha.

Mattese Elite Uninhibited and the rest of the Seductive Winter Wonderland collection (and Vig!) can be found at Ricky’s online or in store for $5.99. Stay tuned, tomorrow we’re posting the GLITTERS from the collection!!!!!

❤ Jess


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  1. I love this color!! I’m thinking a one coat shimmer would look great. definitely NEED this. Also, I’m kicking myself for not buying the other nail stamping kit. I read somewhere that those chrome nail pens are great for stamping

  2. A very winter french manicure… nice twist! love!

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