Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland- Temptation

You’re probably wondering how the girl who, generally, dislikes blue wound up with the blue polish. Our email divvying up colors went something like this:

Me: I want the mint green glitter and whatever solid you two don’t want. (ed. note: I was going off a small phone picture of the press release graphic. It looks mint green.)
Sandy: I want the purple/pink solid.
Jess: I want the white solid. I’ve been secretly obsessed with whites recently.
Me: sounds great!! (mentally I’m going “crud. I was totally supposed to end up with the pearly white.”)

Well let me tell you something. I’m really flippin’ glad I “got stuck” with this polish. It’s pretty glorious.

I Used:

1coat Orly Bonder
1coat ME- Temptation

Ricky’s describes Temptation as “a chilly blue, softened by an aqua sheen.” That sums up this polish quite nicely, although it appears from the bottle that it also has a bit of a silver shimmer. But y’aaaaaaaall. This polish is one of those elusive one-coaters. I was so excited to find this out!! I don’t have many, if any, and these come in so handy sometimes. You know how I said in yesterday’s travel kit post that you should pack polishes that go with everything? Well, there are exceptions to every rule, and this is definitely one of them. A one-coat only polish is so easy to work with because they dry quickly, and you only need to take the time for one coat. Duh. Now, I will admit, I will probably do two coats on future manicures, but I wanted to show that it is pigmented enough to be a true one-coater. But I really was shocked how much I loved it. So much so I’ll probably wear it on my fingers in addition to my toesies. Application is great. It goes on smooth and even, and streak-free. I can also tell you it removes very easily without any staining, something that I personally think is very important. This is such a vibrant color, I feel it could have many uses. It could be a great nail art base, or a great polish on its own. It would also be great nail art design color. Diversity for the win!!

You can pick up Mattese Elite online, or at any Ricky’s NYC location for $5.99. This is the first up of the polishes we are reviewing for Ricky’s NYC and Mattese Elite’s new line, Seductive Winter Wonderland. We’re reviewing the solids today, and the glitters tomorrow. ALL of the colors in this line are glorious, so please make sure you come back to check them out!!


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