Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Intoxicating

I’m usually the purple person so I really wanted Intoxicating because I thought it’d be purple. WRONG, it’s actually magenta, with slight blue/pink shimmer that isn’t really visible to the naked eye.  At first when I put this on, it felt LOUD because I’m not used to a jewel toned magenta but it’s probably good for me to be out of my comfort zone every once in a while.

1 coat Seche Retain
3 coats Mattese Elite – Intoxicating
1 coat Poshe top coat

More, including a better look at the blue/pink shimmer under the cut…


As you can see, close up, the color is really beautiful, very sexy!  I just wish it worked better with my skin tone!!  And since I am not sexy at all, this doesn’t bode well for me.  lol  If you are sexier than I (because you work out!) then you’d probably really like this:) Honestly, I felt like I needed to go to a NYC club with this polish on, and I haven’t been clubbing in years haha. describes it as a  “deep plum augmented with more subtle pink and blue shimmer.”  They have the subtle shimmer right, but I wouldn’t say it was a deep plum at all, moreso a bright magenta.

The application is fine,  it’s a 3 coater. (i know our resident 3 coater Mel would love this)  You could probably get away with 2 thick coats, but I like thin coats because I get a cleaner finish that way.  It was a very smooth and  easy 3 coater though… which is a huge plus:)

Intoxicating is another polish from the Seductive Winter Wonderland Fall/Winter 2011 collection by Mattese Elite.  You can pick up Mattese Elite online, or at any Ricky’s NYC location for $5.99.


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  1. I really like this color, altho I do agree the “dark plum” tag is misleading. I believe I will add this one to my next Ricky’s haul.

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