Nails Inc. – Houses of Parliament

nails inc - houses of parliament

1 coat Seche Retain (base)
1 thin coat of Essie – Sexy Divide
1 thick coat of Nails Inc. – Houses of Parliament
1 coat INM – Out the Door (top coat)
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat) … yes, 2 top coats.

I have a confession… I have an issue with $16 polishes.  Especially $16 polishes that are .33 oz.!!  As a huge nail polish fan, I’ve accepted the 8 dollars Essies, the 8.50 OPIs, but at least those are .5 oz.!  When you want to charge me more and give me less, maaaan I just have to really love you to buy it.

This was absolutely the case for Houses of Parliament.  I fell in love with this polish first from the swatches online.  As you all know, I am a HUGE Baltimore Ravens fan and this color could not capture the team colors (purple and black) more perfectly.  I justified it that way, plus, the magnetness make it worth more, right??

Tips and more under the cut!

The swatch pictured is a 3 day old manicure (Sorry) I was in a bit of a rush so I couldn’t take a picture of it fresh because I was going to Pittsburgh for a wedding (and the Ravens – Steelers game!!) so I banked on this polish lasting through the entire weekend.  It did!  I used 2 top coats because I had such luck with 2 top coats over a previous manicure (Butter London’s – All Hail the Queen) that lasted a week.  I needed this for a wedding and football game and it performed very admirably and wore like iron.  The wedding was a total blast, and the game was EPIC as all Ravens – Steelers games are.  Plus, the Ravens won!!

OK I know I’m getting a bit off topic.  I’m not the first swatch for this polish but for anyone not in the know, Houses of Parliament is a magnetic polish. It literally comes with a little magnet on the top of the bottle that you put over your painted (while still wet) nails to create that cool, stripey effect.  The effect happens in less than 10 seconds, and it is absolutely stunning in real life.  No picture really does it justice.  There’s definitely some holographic type effect going on where if you move your nail, the stripes move/change.  Again, hard to explain, you just really have to see it in real life for yourself.

Anyway, I also thought I’d lend some tips for any first timer about to try this polish because like I said before, it’s only .33 oz!!!!  For $16!!!  You could say I treated this polish like liquid gold. I didn’t want to waste any of it, lol.

1. The directions say to start w/ a thin coat of this polish on all the fingers.  Yeah screw that, save the expensive stuff and do a thin coat of another less expensive dark purple polish (black would probably work too).  I used Essie – Sexy Divide, a dark purple.

2. Lay on a thickish coat of Houses of Parliament on one nail and quickly put the included magnet over top of the nail being VERY careful NOT to touch the magnet on the nail.  You have to do this one by one… meaning, you can’t move on to the next nail before magnetizing the one before it.  It’s not as bad or as time consuming as it sounds. Plus, the magnetizing stuff is fun!  It’s cool to watch the polish shift into the stripey pattern.

3. If you mess up, unfortunately the magnet is not gonna change the polish more.  You will have to throw on another thick coat (I did have to do this a couple of times… and cringed at how wasteful I was being haha)

4. If you’re near a Sephora, some of them have testers of this polish.  You can test and practice with the tester so you don’t waste your own! lol 🙂

Bottom line, I love this polish.  I am very glad I bought it even though it was $16.  I really hope the cheaper competition comes out with magnetic polishes because I’d love to try out more colors.

If you have any questions, leave a comment 🙂


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