Sinful Colors- Winterberry

Winterberry is one of two new colors in the Destination America collection, the other being Slate. It’s a gorgeous icy-grape purple, with a silver shimmer that isn’t really evident in these pictures. You can sort of see it in the bottle though. So far, I believe this display has only been spotted in Rite Aids. It hasn’t even hit my local RA, I had to go to the really nice one up by my parents.  The formula is excellent and I only used two coats. I really think I’m getting away from the three coat rule. The same day I picked this up, I picked up Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Aisle Be There from their newly redesigned release. It’s this gorgeous duochrome pinkish shimmer, but here it just looks like a regular pink shimmer. It’s really pretty though, and looked great with Winterberry. Definitely pick both of these up if you can find them. Winterberry is $1.99 at Rite Aid, and Aisle Be There was $3.97 at Walmart!  


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  1. I’ve been looking for Winterberry everywhere to no avail. I won’t give up though. I love it!

    • keep looking!! It’s only been spotted at Rite Aid, so at least your don’t have to run around everywhere. Also, try Cherry Culture, they have colors not in the display! Good luck!!

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