Revlon- Sweet Tart










I like to keep it real, so I’m going to. This nail polish is TERRIBLE. That’s why I waited so long to post it. It’s one of the Breast Cancer Awareness polishes that raised money for BCA during October. I felt like a bad human being posting how much I dislike this polish. Almost like I was pro-cancer or something. So I waited. I love the color, hate the formula. This is 3 coats, it’s STILL showing bald spots, a visible nail line, and it drags and streaks like none other. It’s such a shame, because I really really like this color, and think it looks pretty good on pale me. It’s a bright summer pink without being a neon. I’m less picky about formula when it comes to my pedicures, so I’ll give it a try there. If it’s still craptastic, it’s going in the purge pile. Sad panda.


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  1. Thanks for your honest opinion on this polish. I love the color, but if the formula sucks, that doesn’t matter 😦

    • I really was not impressed with this polish at all. But like I said, I’ll give it a try on my toes before totally writing it off. But I have very little hope for it 😦

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