Sally Hansen Salon Effects- Numbskull


So we had all these plans to do a bunch of Halloween related posts, and then life happened. But since Halloween is still 3 days away, I wanted to share these while I still could. This was my first attempt at Sally Hansen Salon Effects, and I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. It’s clean and neat, minimal cleanup, doesn’t smell, looks really professional, and most of, easy. As this was my first time, I think it took me a little bit longer than it normally would. But well worth it, because I love how cute this looks! I’m also really excited to test out the wear and tear on these. I’ve got two big trips coming up next year, and this may be my traveling manicure solution. My only complaint, and this is more user error than anything else as I read many reviews warning me about this prior to use, is that these tear really easily. Like, when you are taking off the backing, half the strip would be left behind. This lead me to using a strip that was slightly too big on one finger. So be careful!! After I took this picture, I added a top coat to cover the edges and tips which a many reviews suggested, despite it not being in the instructions. I’m terrible at wrapping my tips, but it was pretty easy with these. And because I had the excess wrapped portion of the strip up under my nail, it feels a bit odd. Again, this is all “It’s My First Time!!” user issues. I have Prep’s Cool (ARGYLE!!!) from the Holiday 2011 Limited Edition line and I’m really excited about it. Plus Jess gave me a $2 off coupon as part of my birthday present so I will definitely be picking up some more. I know I want Misbehaved and possibly Kitty, Kitty and Frock Star. So many options!!

Numbskull is available as part of the limited edition Halloween 2011 line. I’ve seen a few random boxes thrown about in various stores, so you may have some luck finding these still. I really hope they add Numbskull to the permanent line. Like Gina said to me the other day, skulls and crossbones are always in style 🙂

You can find Sally Hansen Salon Effects anywhere nail polish is sold. CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s, Walmart, and Target all carry them. Salon Effects can retail anywhere from $7.00-$10.50 depending on where you buy them, if they are on sale, and if you have a coupon. They are definitely worth the cost for a special holiday or event.


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  1. Prettttyyyy. Are you wearing this to NYC?

    • Yup!! I didn’t have to do laundry tonight so I had some time to put them on. Figured NYC would be a good “wear and tear” test! I had originally planned to go naked so I could test colors when shopping, but i wore confetti touch of pink for the past 4 days and wanted something fun!!

    • Btw, I’ll go back and watermark it, but I wanted to get the post up STAT and had a pic on my phone.

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