Butter London – Blagger

Oh heeyyyyyy there blog. Been a while, I know haha. But I woke up a full hour and a half before my alarm today, so you finally get a visit from me and my nails! (Imagine that said in a really jovial tone of voice. Jovial also may be my word of the day…) Since I never got to post this during the Tigers’s run for the world series (we’re not going into details here people haha) and since today marks 2 whole weeks that have felt like about 6 months at my job in VA, I give you my Detroit mani as some sort of celebration!

Let me start out by saying this mani lasted me a whopping 5 days. Five people. Not sure if that’s more amazing in terms of the polish or my self restraint, but this picture was taken on day 3 and that definitely speaks to the polish haha. I really love this blue. If you’ll remember my love of Mattese Elite – Vig, Butter London – Blagger is like a color cousin. It’s the same rich, deeply pigmented color but a brighter shade.

It’s a really clean, solid, intense blue and I love it. Application was top notch, it is a highly pigmented color though, so clean up takes a little patience, but it’s worth it. For my sweet Detroit D I used my Claire’s white nail art pen and free handed it. I know, I free hand a lot, but to make you feel better, he’s a macro:

see, it’s not perfection up close, but you can’t tell in the distances you’d be from it in real life. Also, those nail art pens that have a legit pen tip like paint pens are fabulous. I’ve tried a couple brands and haven’t had any one in particular stand out; as long as it has that tip, I can do cool stuff with it, I’m a happy camper haha.

Anywho, happy hump day everyone. I’m off to go harass the mcmansions of Mclean, VA into voting. Er, I mean, canvass in a very professional manner for a highly important election. Hey, gotta pay for my nail polish habit somehow 😉


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  1. Im fairly actively against the color blue, but I quite like this.

  2. Love blue! Make me rememberg Essie´s Mesmerize wichI love

    • Thanks! It was my “I need a 4th for this sale price!” purchase and I had thought about it for a while but never made myself grab it. SO glad I did!!

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