Cult Nails- Unicorn Puke

IT’S HEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEE!!!!! I have to thank my friend Gina for bringing this to my attention. And then once she did, I refrained from purchasing it. I’m trying to be less impulsive. My restraint lasted all of 5 minutes until I read that there were only going to be 250 bottles sold! So I went and immediately placed my preorder. Like Jess says, I did it for the blog. Hit the jump for pics and a review!!

 Unicorn Puke is my first Cult Nails polish and what a beauty it is!!! Not to mention, it has pretty much the greatest name in the history of nail polish names. It’s a deep purple lapis base and it is absolutely LOADED with multi colored flakies. It’s GORGEOUS, so gorgeous my pictures don’t do it justice. The base is rather sheer so I didn’t bother wearing on its own. But for comparison purposes, I wanted to try it over two different colors. On my index and middle fingers, I have Unicorn Puke over Essie Sexy Divide (2 coats) and on my ring and pinky fingers I have Unicorn Puke over Essie Bobbing for Baubles (2 coats). The application of this polish is great. It goes on smooth and even, and dried quickly. I have two coats of Unicorn Puke on each nail, and did not put on a top coat. I personally like it better over BFB vs SD. I think for Unicorn Puke to really shine, it needs an unassuming base color. Bobbing for Baubles is a deep, rich navy, but it’s a fairly flat creme and doesn’t have a shimmer to detract from the beauty of Unicorn Puke. I can’t wait to try UniPuke over other colors and find out what types of base colors work the best. I especially want to try it over a pink. I saw a swatch of it over black and it was GLORIOUS. I only had this one for a couple of hours, but I spent a lot of those few hours staring deeply at my tips. It really is flakie perfection.

If you missed out on Unicorn Puke, worry not! The actual polish itself will be available as part of Cult Nails Permanent line this fall under the name Clairvoyant. You can read Cult Nails Blog to determine all the differences, but the main gist is same polish, different name and bottle. You can buy Cult Nails directly from their website. They retail for $10 + $3 shipping (for the first bottle, up to $8 for domestic orders). I’ll definitely be buying a backup with Clairvoyant, as well as several other colors.

See below for more pics!!!

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  1. I thought I didn’t need this when I heard about the sale.

    I was wrong…

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