Essie – As Gold As It Gets (the new gold glitter from the Luxeffects 2011 collection!)

Just to get this post up, I had to take off Shine of the Times after a little less than a week.  The sacrifices I make for this blog! haha.  But let’s just admit it: we saw the Cosmoprof 2011 preview for the Essie Luxeffects 2011 collection and were like OMG ESSIE FLAKIE!!! (referring to Shine of the Times) and then you looked at the others, and the second that caught your eye was probably that gold one.  We know it’s probably nothing we haven’t already seen but the idea of Essie glitters is exciting, and who doesn’t love a gold glitter?  I purchased both of these on the same day, they were together – you could say I struck gold 🙂 (yes I just about fainted from excitement the day I got them)

1 coat Seche Retain (base)
2 coats Essie – Decadent Diva (red in the bottle, practically brown on the nail)
2 coats Essie – As Gold As It Gets (gold glitter)
1 coat Essie – Good to Go! (top)

This, while not as special as Shine of the Times is pretty freaking awesome.  It’s a gold fleck glitter.   I hesitate to call it a flakie because I feel like a true flakie should be kinda holo and glow-y (like SotT) but the flecks are of various sizes and shapes, which are similar traits you see in a flakie.

More under the cut!!

essie - as gold as it gets

I LOVED this layered over Essie – Decadent Diva.  IMO, they look classy and really beautiful together.  I had DD as an untried, and while it certainly wasn’t the easiest application, the color is gorgeous.  It looks like a dark wine color in the bottle, but on the nail it’s a completely different, very pretty brown.  It came alive especially after 2 coats of As Gold As It Gets.  The application and formula of AGAIG is fine and 2 coats of AGAIG was a good amount for adequate coverage. I will admit that 2 coats was a bit disappointing because in the bottle, it looks like there’s SO MUCH GLITTER, but 1 coat is a bit too sparse for my liking 😦

The name fits well, because all the glitter is gold 🙂 The flecks are all fairly small, so it’s a pretty understated glitter.  I definitely think that this fits Essie’s cool, sophisticated style of nail polishes.

essie - as gold as it gets bottle


Say hello to Shine of the Times’ step sister: As Gold As It Gets.

I love As Gold As It Gets (surprise!), I personally thought it was going to be something we’ve all seen before but I don’t have anything like it in my collection. It is unfair that it has to be in the same collection of Shine of the Times, because it will always be in its shadow, but if you want a nice gold fleck glitter, it can stand on its own:)  I definitely tried this nail polish with an open mind, knowing that it’d be nothing like Shine of the Times.  I wasn’t disappointed. 🙂


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  1. Oh, I love it! It’s like gold flecks…so beautiful!! When does it come out?

  2. Lovely!
    I saw it on Walgreens last night but I didnt get.
    Think I’ll go back there today

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