Essie – Shine of the Times (the ESSIE FLAKIE glitter!!!)

essie shine of the times

First of all, YES THIS IS THE REAL ESSIE FLAKIE glitter polish that you (and I) drooled over in those Cosmoprof 2011 previews. (If anyone important is reading this, I want my invite next year please!)  This is Essie’s Shine of the Times, part of the Luxeffects collection coming out later this year 2011 for the holidays.  Shine of the Times is an iridescent flakie glitter nail polish that looks best when layered over dark colors (though I’m sure it works on all kinds of colors, just need to experiment).

It is AMAZING!!  I can’t even begin to describe the feelings that I have surrounding this polish.  It makes me realize I really need to get a life, but wow, this polish is truly  stunning in every sense of the word.  I actually got nervous writing this post because I  was afraid I wouldn’t do this polish justice.  It is just that freaking beautiful.  And looking at my pictures, I still don’t think I did this enough justice.  I did my best though!

I layered 1 coat (JUST 1!!) over Essie’s Sexy Divide:

1 coat Seche Rebuild (basecoat)
2 coats Essie – Sexy Divide (dark purple)
1 coat Essie – Shine of the Times
1 coat Essie – Good to Go! (topcoat)

MUCH more under the cut!


As you can see, it is a dense flakie.  For those that don’t know, flakie polishes are like glitters but they’re irregularly dandruff shaped, change colors in various lights, and they practically glow when layered over a dark colored base color.  I own other “flakies” but nothing like this.  The closest dupe I can think of is Sally Hansen’s Hidden Treasure.  I don’t own Hidden Treasure but I definitely think it’s a super close dupe.. except Shine of the Times is way more dense with it’s flakies.

I *used to* want Hidden Treasure 🙂

The application was amazing amazing amazing.  One coat was all you needed for smooth, even flakie covering.  Seriously awesome.  Like I mentioned earlier, I have other “flakies” (because of Shine of the Times, now I think they’re all sorry a$$ excuses for a flakie) and none are as easy to apply as this.  Others bunch up together, are very sparse, etc.  This one is perfect.  And, no, I cannot believe Essie has released something this amazing – especially because this is a flakie! Who knew Essie would create a flakie and actually execute it well !?  I mean this isn’t Nfu-Oh we’re talking about here… it’s queen of the conservative polishes ESSIE.

I can’t stop staring at my nails. It is a danger for me to drive because my nails are too distracting, lol.  The colors that this flakie turns in various lights (red, green, gold, orange, yellow, amazeballs) remind me of the crazy Lisa Frank brand colors which definitely brings me back to my elementary and middle school days 🙂

The bottle shot. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Again, it’s called Shine of the Times.  Remember the name!!  I was extremely fortunate to get my hands on this polish because I don’t think it’s out yet, and I don’t think the store was supposed to sell it to me (they had to grab another Essie to scan) But whenever it comes out, grab it if you see it! I am pretty sure it’s going to sell like hot cakes-  I know I personally want a couple more bottles, lol. *hoarder*

In conclusion: YOU NEED THIS!!!


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  1. what store did you find this at?

    • Hi Sheena! I found this and As Gold As It Gets at an Ulta. It was total dumb luck because they totally didn’t belong there. They grabbed another Essie to scan since they didn’t have barcodes 🙂

  2. I’m curious, I’ve seen two swatches of Shine of the Times, and in all of the pictures, the only colors I see in the flakes are orange. Are there much more colors in the flakes in real life??

    • The main color is probably orange (like Hidden Treasure) but it looks different colors in certain lights. I don’t want to say it’s an “orange flakie” because in the bottle, it’s iridescent. If you look closely in my pictures, you’ll see some flashes of green, red, yellow, etc which are definitely more apparent in real life:)

  3. Just ordered a bottle off amazon! I can’t wait to get it!!!!

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