OPI Muppet Collection- Excuse Moi


First of all, please let me apologize for the totes awkward swatch shot. This is a mini bottle that came in the OPI Muppet Mini Collection, and do you know how difficult and awkward it is to shoot a mini bottle? Really effing awkward. They are hard to hold, position, and get a nice picture of. I think this turned out aight though!

When I first saw the Muppets Collection, I was drawn more to this glitter than any of the others. Because it’s the subtle one. But I wasn’t ready to commit to it. So when it came in the mini pack, along with several other colors I wanted to try, I was really excited. Natch, I love it. Excuse Moi is a sheer reddish-pink jelly with silver microglitter and small multicolored hex glitter. I used 3 coats here, and I definitely think that was enough. For a glitter, it’s one of the best formulas I’ve come across, it applies soooooo smooth. My only flaw with it, is that it chips like a mofo. I had it on for less than a day before half of my ring finger chipped. It’s definitely not a long-lasting formula. This polish also eats top coat. I put on two fairly thick coats of Seche Vite Top Coat, and it still wasn’t smooth. I don’t really consider this a flaw so much as a fact of life. Glitters tend to eat top coats, it rains whenever I DON’T take my brollie with me on errands, and there’s always going to be a REALLY GOOD SALE when I don’t have any money. Since I’ve worn this two or three times since it arrived from AVEYOU, I think I’m probably going to get a big girl sized bottle of this polish.



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