Butter London- Wallis (An Adventure with UglyAwesome Polish)

When Ulta was running that Butter London Buy One, Get One Free deal, Wallis was definitely one of my “free” ones. It scared me. But I’m an open minded individual and thought, I’ll give this a chance. It’s awesome. It’s what I like to call UglyAwesome. Kinda like those men that are SexyUgly. They aren’t attractive by society’s standards, but you still find yourself attracted to them. Like, you can get down and dirty with them, and not have to worry about ruining the pretty. But I digress. Wallis is much like that. It’s not a classically beautiful nail polish. It’s a nail polish that is beautiful because you love it. And ohhhhh boy do I love it. It’s grungy and pukey colored, and glittery and fabulous. Plus, it’s named after a Yank who stole the King of England’s heart. I hope to do the same one day (or at the very least, a rich baron of something). Again, I digress. Wallis is a metallic olive gold packed with gold glitter, and it’s a WONDERFUL formula. Two coats gives you full opacity, and one coat will do ya if you are in a rush. More importantly, it dries smooth, so you don’t really NEED a top coat. The only downside I find with this polish is that cleanup is a bit of a bish. As you can see from my macro shot, there’s still glitter everywhere. And that’s after 30 minutes of cleanup!  At $14 a bottle, I have to reeeeeeeeeeeeeally like a polish to say it’s worth that kind of money. I have a mortgage to pay and don’t really like living off ramen all the time. Wallis is totally worth eating ramen.


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I am awesomesauce. Just ask anyone who's met me.

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  1. Nice swatch! Looks good on you.

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