L’Oreal – Owl’s Lust (the “learn to love” sibling of Owl’s Night)

I suppose I’ll start where my thoughts on this color started — and that would be “what IS this color??” It’s red, but it’s dusty. Maybe some gray, or probably some burnt orange undertones in it. It’s not your red-hot mama red, that’s for sure, but there is a quiet smoldering to it that sort of drew me in. It at least piqued my interest enough to buy it… and then kept my attention long enough to wear it for a full day instead of just swatching it like I had planned.

The color grew on me while on, and it had some good selling points. For one, it’s a great formula. One of the best in the collection: 2 coater, easy peasy to put on, pretty easy to clean up (it is really pigmented, but on a comparison scale to similar formulas, it’s on the easier scale). Then I wore it with my favorite navy cardi, and WOW did that color combo look fab. I wish I had taken a picture with it up next to my nails. I did decide to spice it up a bit and added L’Oreal – Amazon’s Flash as an accent coat like I talked about yesterday, and loved that too. It’s very fall! And slightly Redskins… but they won yesterday and Mel was up at her cabin, so I suppose someone had to fill those shoes 😛 We’ll blame it on the head cold and sudafed, haha.

I’m still not sure this is an “every woman’s” color, or a must have, but I like that it’s that something a little different in my reds collection. I’ll probably stick to wearing it during the fall (it does compliment the changing leaves well), but since the seasons just begun, maybe I’ll wear it enough to learn to lust over it the rest of the year (see what I did there, haha. I know, forgive me, crawling back in my sick cave now :P)

❤ Jess


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