Revlon – Blue Mosaic

revlon- blue mosaic

This is the final of the three new glitters that Revlon has released in their PERMANENT line (thank the gods it’s permanent!).  Feel free to check out previously reviewed new Revlon glitters: Facets of Fuschia and Starry Pink.

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats Essie Mesmerize
2 coats Revlon – Blue Mosaic
1 coat Seche Vite (top)

As with most glitters, you usually put a couple coats over a base color… in which I chose Essie Mesmerize.  I don’t even know if I needed it.  I definitely didn’t need 2 coats of Mesmerize, maybe just 1.  Blue Mosaic itself is a super dense glitter consisting of blue microglitter, and some green and silver hex glitter.  It’s so pretty- I really love it!

More under the cut!


I felt like a mermaid with this glitter on.  If I was a mermaid, my scales would look like this. (I hope) lol.  There’s enough glitter in the bottle that glitter manipulation/placement wasn’t necessary… so if you’re a glitter fan, it’s a must have.

And yes, since it’s a lot of glitter, I’m sure removal of this is a PITA for most people.  It’s worth it though!


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