L’Oreal – Raven’s Dream

Today is October 1st, which aside from meaning that it is now socially acceptable for my ridiculous love for Halloween to go full force, also means it is Breast Cancer Awareness month. My aunt is currently a 2.25 year survivor and I’ve been living with her for the past year as she bravely goes through treatment. I’ve experienced things first hand with her and I have to say it takes a special kind of strength to fight with so much resiliency. I hope this month not only raises awareness and hope for all those touched by cancer, but also gives us a time to celebrate the strength in those that are fighting ❤

Since pink is the color of the month 🙂 I thought I would review the two pinks in the L’Oreal project runway line today. To start, Raven’s Dreams is the partner to Raven’s Strength (which I posted yesterday) in the “Sultry Raven” look.

I was actually surprised this was a pink! In the photos online that I had seen, I sort of expected it to be a off white color. It’s a soft pink creme and kinda reminds me of a barbie color haha. Formula wise, it is a little thin, I had to use 3 thick coats to get a comfortable level of coverage. But, though sheer, it is easy to work with. My main hassle was being patient enough to let it dry; since I used such thick coats even Seche Vite took a bit to work. You can still see a little VNL, but that’s really just when you’re staring at it. The color itself really won me over though, I just feel wonderfully girlie in it haha. It’s NOT my typical color, so it’s a really nice addition to my collection. If you’re patient enough to make it work, it’s a worthy purchase 🙂

The other pink in the line is Amazon’s Flare from the “Audacious Amazon” look, and I’ll be posting that review this afternoon, so look out for it!


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