L’Oreal – Amazon’s Flare

Amazon’s Flare is definitely a statement pink. It’s very bright and eye catching. I actually like it, aside from two things: 1) I wish it was more of a creme – the formula leans more jelly which means VNL and 2) it’s a dead ringer for Essie – Secret Story which is already in my collection (I’ll do a review soon with pic to compare!).

I ended up doing 4 coats in the pictures because I made a clean up error on one nail and decided to just coat it all again and that finally hid my nail line. I did notice this was more of an issue on my longer nails; not sure if our regular readers had picked up on my shift to shorter nails, but I, uh, had a graceful “lemme catch this falling razor” moment in the shower this week and my pinkie nail was a victim. It came in useful for this review though haha, because I think those who like to rock shorter nails could more fully appreciate this color 🙂 It was easy application, and I do love the color it creates, so it’s more of a B- for me than a flop. I’d be more willing to play around with the VNL issue if I didn’t have a dupe, plus I think our resident pink expert Mel might be more qualified to pull a “Make it work!!” job outta this haha.

❤ Jess


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  1. Naturally, I love this color and I am super excited to get it in my beeeeedaaaaaaaay package!!

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