L’Oreal – Raven’s Strength

I am so mad about this polish. It was impossible to truly capture it’s amazingness on my camera haha.  My pictures don’t quite show you and I’m not sure words will express it’s beauty well enough. It’s gorgeous!! I spent a long time trying to decide if it was gunmetal or dark gray with shimmer or black with shimmer and came up with “liquid hematite” as being the closest color description. It has all the power of a black but with stunning dimension. I would wear this just about anywhere, minus the just about! It’s a dress up or dress down kinda polish; seriously, I can picture this mani on me in situations from girls night out to a black tie affair. (I did dress it down with a coat of Jack O’ Varnish – Moonwitch to show Mel the pumpkin polish that is soon to be in her posession 😛 See it below the cut!) And that’s just me raving about the color!! The formula is excellent too; two coats, no issue, and clean up was a breeze. It’s not one of those dark polishes that stain as you clean it up, and the shimmer isn’t like some where you end up with your hands looking like they were ke$ha-fied haha. It’s just a no hassle amazing color!

I have a mini slide show to try and show you a hint of it’s beauty, but since it’s a limited edition color, I suggest you just get it haha. I know Mel picked it up today, a choice I fully supported (yes, I enabled her during her buying black out… but she couldn’t miss out on this color!! She’s our gunmetal girl!!) Owl’s Night has been the out of the gate star of the Project Runway line, but trust me, this color is no less of a show stopper 😀

1 coat Seche Rebuild

2 coats L’Oreal – Raven’s Strength

1 coat Seche Vite

1 coat Jack O’ Varnish – Moonwitch (Meijer’s pumpkin polish, named by me and an online monster name generator haha)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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