China Glaze- Traffic Jam


Traffic Jam is part of China Glaze’s Fall 2011 Metro collection. This and Skyscraper were the only two colors that caught my eye. Since then, I’ve come to covet other colors, but these were the original 2 I had wanted. This is a deep raspberry creme. It’s one of the more traditional colors in the line, and the “pink” one, so naturally it’s the one I would want. It’s a bit on the thin side so you need 3 coats for full opacity. However, it goes on super smooth and doesnt streak or feel heavy. It’s super shiny on it’s own, so you don’t need a top coat, but you may want to use one anyway. What I like about this polish is how it changes colors in the light. As you can see from the photo above, it appears to be a lighter raspberry color. In the flash shot below, is a deep raspberry. When I took a couple of iPhone photos in different lighting and sent them to a friend, she thought I had on two different colors! It’s definitely not the most interesting, or unique, polish on the planet, BUT it is a solid staple type color if you don’t already have something like it. I’d also consider it a year-round color. Ive made sure that I have a few favorite colors in my collection that I can always wear when the mood strikes. I mean, I guess, technically, you can wear any polish whenever you desire, but, I always feel a little strange wearing dark colors in the summer. I wore this color for several days and only took it off because I got a massive chip. It’s definitely one of my favorites this fall.



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