OPI – Get in the Expresso Lane

Another polish in OPI’s Touring America collection.

Hmm this looks black in the picture but it reminds me of a (very) dark brown coffee bean in real life.  Very pretty fall color but I’m afraid you might confuse this with black in most lights… a trait I don’t really love in dark polishes.  I always feel like if you’re wearing a brown polish, it should scream I’M BROWN!  But it’s a nice color nonetheless.

Because it reminds me of a dark coffee bean, I love the play on words in the name. Expresso lane, haha. (I’m not usually this easily amused:))

1 coat Poshe antimicrobial base
2 coats OPI – Get in the Expresso Lane
1 coat Poshe top coat

Like with most OPIs, this applies beautifully.  I miiight have been able to get away with 1.5 coats but 2 coats does the trick nicely.  For fall, it’s a nice color, but since it’s not terribly unique, you can probably pass on it if you have a similar dark brown.

PS: Happy Birthday, Jess! 🙂 (Jess celebrates her birthday everyday besides ON her birthday, so this is why it’s not really a belated birthday wish)


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  1. This is a fantastic color!

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