Butter London – [We] All Hail the Queen

I knew this was an “OH MY VARNISHHHHH” before I picked it up. We all knew this and all three of us bought it during Ulta’s Butter London bogo sale haha. It’s an amazing color; a medium taupe with holo micro glitter. The perfect color neutral for all of us:  a classy and work appropriate base with a little hint of a wild side 🙂

I used my usual Seche Rebuild basecoat with Seche Vite top coat and used 3 coats of All Hail the Queen in between. This color is so easy to work with and the results just make me happy. The holo really adds dimension to the color; be prepared to stare at your nails for extended periods of time haha.  Pretty much the only thing I don’t like about this color is the price, and possibly the size of the bottle.  At regular price, it’s $14. I managed to score it for about$5.25 because of bogo and an Ulta coupon, but knowing the regular cost for a replacement makes me wary of wearing it alllllll the time like I kinda wish I could haha. The bottle is also .4oz, which when a “standard” bottle of polish is typically .5oz, it makes the price more apparent. I’m definitely NOT trying to talk you out of the color!!! I love it and it’s a fabulous addition to my collection 🙂 I’m just trying to keep it real, and tell you to watch for sales! And choose to wear it when you’re gonna have it on for multiple days so you make it worth it 🙂

Sandy wore this color on her beach trip last week, so hit the jump for a long wear review! Mel also sent me a good flash shot and her thoughts, so this post is a 3 for 1! (where’s THAT kind of Butter London sale? haha)

❤ Jess


“I used 3 coats of AHTQ over Wet N Wild Clear (i just swatched it). I’m totally in love. It looks plain and generic until it’s in the light. Then the holo glitter really makes this polish pop. This is definitely my new favorite nude. I’m apparently a bit slutty when it comes to nudes; a new favorite every other day! This is a great neutral. Office friendly but still really fun with the shimmer. The formula was fantastic. Even tho it requires 3 coats for full opacity (especially when you have really white tips like I do), it doesn’t feel thick and heavy, or pool in the crevices in the nail and skin. I wish I had multiple hands so I could wear this all the time.”


1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
3 coats Butter London – All Hail the Queen
1 coat Poshe (top coat)
1 coat Seche Vite (reluctantly, another top coat)


“Before I begin, I love how this looks different on everyone!  Really cool to see everyones swatches as I also had a different (also positive) experience with AHTQ.  I used 3 coats and TWO top coats.  Yes, 2.  I didn’t really want to, but I used Poshe at first, and while slicing vegetables, got a dent in my right index finger somehow. Grrr. And this was hours after it had dried.  Poshe, I am sorry you are not SV. 😦 But anyway, another coat of Seche Vite saved the day and my dent was no more.

I also made a point to keep this on for a week.  It worked out because I was going on a weekend vacation to Nags Head and it WORE LIKE IRON.  This is a big deal for me because I normally do not have polish on for that long, lol.  But I did everything with this mani on… I picked shells off the beach in Nags Head (they have some of the prettiest shells out there!), ate crabs, pretty much did everything that could chip a manicure.  There was VERY slight tip wear but it wasn’t noticeable to the naked eye.  I was thrilled!  Granted, I *did* use 2 top coats, so that might have had a little something to do with it, but overall, AHTQ is LOVE.

Here it is after 1 week:

 Still pretty, right?”


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