Rimmel London – Bare Naked Gets the Mmmbop Treatment :P

In the time since we started this blog I have posted exactly one nude manicure, haha. On my own, I was never really drawn to nudes; I’d see a bottle and go eh, lemme grab this more exciting color next to it! But since Mel gave us the “My Favorite Nude” group topic, and since seeing all the lovely shades she and Sandy have posted, I’ve started to come around. I’ve been on a quest for one that suited me and while I’m still working towards that “favorite”, I  thought I better start sharing some of my runner up finds 🙂

Mel had spoken so fondly of her Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro polishes that when I saw Bare Naked on a sale rack, I figured it was probably a good bet and scooped it up. Then last night when I decided to go to a Hanson show at a local venue, I saw a good opening to use it. (Yes, you remember them as tweens from the 90’s with long hair and a Grammy for Mmmbop haha, they done grown up!) I’ve been a pretty solid fan since their Underneath album in 2003, and you know I love any reason for a theme mani, so I wanted to do something with the Hanson logo, but not too over the top.

I have to say, I’m appreciating Bare Naked’s nice peachy tone and subtle shimmer. It does look nice on me. And I really enjoyed the concert last night 🙂 To read why the formula is keeping this from being My Favorite Nude, to see a macro (and even to hear a little new school Hanson) hit the jump 😛

❤ Jess

1 coat Seche Rebuild

4 coats Rimmel London – Bare Naked

1 coat Seche Vite

Right there tells you this polish’s main flaw. It’s a 4 coater. Anything less and you still have VNL. Even with 4 coats, if I look for it, I can see it in some lights. It’s not tough to work with, but it is a little on the runnier side and 4 coats takes a bit to dry. My guess is the sheer formula is a side effect of the shimmer, but honestly, I could do without the shimmer if I could get a 2-3 coater instead. The peachiness and warmth of the color have more impact than the shimmer. Once dry though, the fact that it’s four coats doesn’t affect much. It’s still reasonable thickness on the nail and doesn’t chip easily. And is a really pretty color!! I’m definitely keeping this polish on my shelf, but for my “perfect” nude I’d prefer to have a little quicker application than waiting for 4 coats to dry.


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  1. I’m so proud! *sheds a tear*

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