Essie – Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection – Swatches and Reviews

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As a group, we managed to snag all 6 of Essie’s Brand New Bag collection which was inspired by handbags! What girl doesn’t love handbags?  I know I do… one day I will own the entire classic Chanel collection:)  But until then, I guess these $8 polishes will have to do.

Overall, our opinion on this collection is very positive especially on the application and formula front.  There are no tough streaky Essies in this one! Yay!  Perfect formula aside, the colors aren’t the most unique but they are nice and they do go together in a nice cohesive collection.

To tie it all together, and for anyone looking for all the swatches in one post, hit the jump!

Click the picture for a more detailed review!

Carry On

Very Structured

Case Study

Glamour Purse

Lady Like

Power Clutch


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  1. AHAHA, I love that you can tell which colors are “pre-cleanup” and “post-cleanup” in terms of knowing the tricks of the trade.

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