My Varnish BFF: Why You Should Invest in a Basecoat!

You’d probably never guess it, but I wasn’t always the kind of girl who wore nail polish every day. There was a time where, while I loved the concept of polish, I didn’t know the tricks of the trade and found myself with stained nails, chipping polish, and worse yet, constantly broken or peeling nails. Okay, so I still break nails occasionally because I love them long but like to do stupid crap without thought of them (latest cause for casualty? Tug of war with my pup, haha) BUT I wanted to share the key step that took me from an occasional wearer with ehhhh nails to a varnish lover and blogger:


I know, it seems simple, but it’s true! Addicts know this secret: a good basecoat will give you healthier, stronger nails, keep them from getting stained, and give you the kind of wearablity that makes your investments in polish so much more worth it.

It’s little things like this that can make all the difference in a mani, and the three of us want to help new comers in on all we’ve learned through our addictions. We’ll be adding some tips and tricks posts to our regular blogging line-up, so be on the look out! Who knows, maybe even some of you old dogs could learn some new tricks 😛

If you’re like I was and need a little edumacation on basecoats, enjoy our first post in our “Beginners Series” after the jump 😉

If you’re a steady reader of the blog (in which case I love you haha) then you’ve seen me list my two personal favorites, Seche Rebuild and Orly Nailtrition, in most of my manicures.  Both of these are formulated to help strengthen and harden your nails, which is key for me. A plus with the Orly is it comes in their classic .6oz bottle, which I know makes Sandy happy; more bang for your buck! (Especially since the treatments do tend to be on the pricier side) Seche Rebuild is one of Seche’s 3 corrective basecoat treatments and Orly makes something like 8 different ones, and that’s just those brands. Basecoat treatment options range from strengthening to growth to ridge filling and more. No matter what your qualm is, odds are there’s a basecoat treatment out there to help. Just remember, you’d be using it every mani and if you’re doing it for the treatment benefits, invest in one that’s known to work. Helps me cope with the cost of Nailtrition when I think of it that way haha.

That’s not to say basic basecoats aren’t good investments too though! Pretty much any basecoat is going to be helpful in protecting from stains and helping your polish wear better by binding the polish to your nail. Every time I need a new Seche Vite and Sally’s is having the buy SV get a free Seche Clear basecoat (their basic, or classic if you’re looking for a nicer term, basecoat) I grab it. I know Mel’s been known to use her Wet N Wild Clear Coat that comes in the duo packs with their Fast Dry line as her basecoat and it prevents staining, so if you’re going the classic basecoat route, there are some nice and cheap options out there 🙂

There are oodles of formulas out there that help different things if your nails need a little TLC like mine, and you’ve probably glossed over classic basecoats in your stores displays dozens of times. Pretty much every brand has a basecoat, so don’t be afraid to try the ones associated with your favorite line, especially if it addresses something you know your nails need! Trust me, and trust the clique, the investment is WORTH IT.

❤ Jess

**You can see the MakeupAlley reviews for Orly Nailtrition and Seche Rebuild by clicking the pictures above the cut, or to purchase them, check out these Amazon links: Seche Rebuild  Orly Nailtrition **


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  1. I really only use the WnW clear coat when swatching to avoid wasting the expensive stuff. Otherwise, I stick with Orly Nail Defense or Seche Clear Base Coat. I’m thinking about trying out the Orly Bonder, but $9 is soooooooo expensive 😦 Which means I’ll wait until payday 🙂

  2. Orly base/top coats are on sale at CVS this week for $6.99 (save a couple of bucks & get a Wnw polish w/ what you save 😉 I just picked up the Bonder base coat.

  3. I use Orly Top 2 Bottom you can use it like base or top coat (better for me as a base)

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