Essie – Case Study

The last and final Varnish Clique swatch of Essie’s Fall 2011 Brand New Bag Collection!  Case Study is a pale army green khaki creme color. It applied beautifully to the nail in 2 thin coats – you could possibly get away with 1 thick coat if you wanted.

1 coat Poshe antimicrobial base
2 coats Essie – Case Study
1 coat Essie – Good to Go! topcoat

This is one of those colors that I REALLY loved on the nail in real life, but now that I look at the picture, I’m not sure it works on me.  Odd, I know.  I may have to do a comparison to Sinful Colors – Seaweed one of these days, which I own, but is an untried.  It does remind me a lot of Seaweed though, so they might be fairly close dupes.

The application and formula really couldn’t get any better. It looks like all the swatches we’ve reviewed from this collection have all been spot on in that regard. Nice to know you can’t go wrong if you like any of the colors in this collection!


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  1. I honestly don’t know if I like this color or not. I’m really torn. Especially since I hated seaweed so much. This looks a significantly less pukey colored tho.

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