Rimmel- Wild Orchid

My obsession with Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro line continues with Wild Orchid. Holy formulaic perfection, Batman!!! This is ONE coat of polish!!! Granted, the polish is a bit thick. But if you are prepared for it, you can have the quickest manicure ever with it. The polish was really easy to apply, and clean up was a breeze, even with non-acetone nail polish remover. This shot is without a base coat, and it has a really high shine finish. Depending on time, I might not even worry about a top coat! Wild Orchid is a lavender creme. There’s not any glitter or shimmer. It’s just a straight creme polish. It would actually make a really great base for some nail art, if I were so artistically inclined! I thought this was similar to Sinful Colors Verbena, but if you set them next to each other, Verbena definitely leans more towards blue, while Wild Orchid is a lighter purple. This is definitely a “summer” polish, and I probably won’t be wearing it much this winter. Unless of course I’m going somewhere warm. Like San Diego. Which I am.

I picked up this polish at Target for $3.79 but had a $1 off coupon. You can pick up Rimmel pretty much anywhere nail polish is sold, from $3.50-$4.79.  I might make it my mission in life to find every color in this line. I LOVE IT!!!


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  1. What a pretty purple!!!

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