Jess’ Five Fall Favorites

A day late and a dollar short… well, in this case, a computer short haha. This past week my (very) old computer decided to finally pass on over to the land of scrap components, without my consent of course. But! I have a new one now 🙂 so I’m bbaacckkkkk! Admit it, you missed me haha.

What’s a better place to start a fall list than with a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin polish??

Jack O' Varnish - Devina the Trollop (Meijer's pumpkin polish - named by me with a monster name generator)

Now, Devina may take a few coats to wear on it’s own (8 to be exact…) but it’s a perfect pick me up on those dreary days of fall. Being such a thin polish, it’ll be a great top coat too. And it GLOWWWSSS! Just like Gralch the Hag and Drakos of Winged Death, this polish is pure fall fun! (and will get a full Halloween worthy review soon!)

Hit the jump for my four other fall favorites, and maybe even some snuck in fall nail art 😉

❤ Jess

Orly - Rock the World

From the Orly Mineral FX fall line, this polish is an intense gold shimmer in a wine colored base. I used it in my Peach Fest watermarbling, and it’s a gorgeous compliment to the changing leaves of fall.

Revlon - Fire Fox (with shine top coat)

Every girl needs a good red, regardless of season, but this is my top pick for my fall collection. It’s versatility really seals the deal, I’ve reviewed Fire Fox in it’s matte suede glory before, and pictured it here with a topcoat Seche Vite to show how it can SHINE too! (Look at how the shimmer pops! Love it!!)

Sinful Colors - Seaweed

Mel had reviewed this color originally, but was kinda meh on it. I used it in my camo mani a few weeks ago and fell in L-O-V-E. The muddiness of Seaweed’s color really works on me, and helps make this summer collection color work in this fall’s dustier greiged-out trends. 😀

Sinful Colors nail art pen - Flower Girl

I know I’m more of a fan of nail art than most, but I love this color. I’ve used Flower Girl on what feels like a million designs already, making nautical nails, a lucky Ravens mani, and even goldfish nail art for a day of babysitting. And that’s just what I’ve posted! haha. This design was created with fall favorites as my muse, and this nail art color is sure to inspire much more this fall 🙂

Honorable Mention: MY FIRST FRANKEN!! Sandy never lets me down with her nail advice, and trying frankening was no exception. This color was my first witches brew of polishes, but it has not been my last. I have a couple really great ones coming up that I can’t WAIT to share! But Quinceanera holds a special place in my heart ❤ Plus, I HAD to have a crazy glitter on my list!!! duh! hahaha ; )


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  1. Seaweed looks miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles better on you than it did on me! That’s why I gave you my bottle!!

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