Jesse’s Girl- Glee

I Used:
1 coat Orly Defense
2 coats Jesse’s Girl- Glee

A short and sweet post today, since I was at the DCU match last night. But I wanted to share a beauty with you! I’ve been wanting a Jesse’s Girl polish ever since I saw the line at Rite Aid a few months back. Jess and I have been known to dance around bars rockin’ out to this song from time to time. I had been holding off though. But when Rite Aid’s Facebook page was offering a $1 off coupon a few weeks ago, I snatched this beauty up. It’s not evident on my nails in the picture, but you can tell in the bottle, it has a golden flash quality to it. The formula was surprisingly good. I never know what to expect from a new polish brand, and I was definitely impressed. It covered well enough in 1 coat, but the 2nd coat filled everything out, and made it 110% opaque. I’m sure if I held it up in the right light, I would see a VNL, but that is not a concern for me personally. If it IS a concern for you, you may want to use 3 coats. This bought this particular polish with pedicures in mind, but I wanted to swatch it on my fingers, instead of putting my feet on the blog… anymore. It’s pretty easy to remove considering the density of the glitter in this polish. I highly recommend this polish. Click the jump for more pictures!!


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