The X-Factor!! (wet n wild fast dry- teal of fortune)

Time for a Fun Mel Fact!! After living in England for a year in 2007-2008, I’m a huge fan of their reality television series, The X-Factor. This year, Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame, is on the panel of judges. I think she’s been doing a great job taking over for Danni/Cheryl. She’s talented, funny, knowledgeable, and a fantastic style. I’d noticed over the past two episodes that she has this really cute, semi-unique manicure. Some fairly shallow research led me to learn that her’s is a Shellac manicure (something I really want to try!) but I figured I could find two colors in my somewhat extensive collection to recreate this super cute manicure!

I used:
1 coat Seche Base Coat
2 coats Wet N Wild- Teal Of Fortune
2 coats Sinful Colors- Beautiful Girl
1 coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I think this turned out pretty well, don’t you? The colors aren’t exactly spot-on, but they are pretty close considering I used what I had and I didn’t go out and buy anything to attempt this look. As you can see in the picture of my inspiration, on Kelly’s one hand, she has the accent nail on her index finger. Scandalous! I stuck with the traditional ring finger here. Jess already reviewed Beautiful Girl, which I’ve linked you to. I will admit, I disagree with her review, but only because I AM a plain old pink kinda girl. This is 2 coats of Beautiful Girl, and I think it’s near perfect. The formula wasn’t difficult for me, and I like this shade. But that’s why we have 3 girls with 3 different opinions on here! I think the only thing I would do differently next time would be to use 3 coats of Teal of Fortune, which I have reviewed below the jump.

Also, the US version of The X-Factor debuts tonight on Fox at 8pm. The concept and format is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles better then American Idol, so watch it if you can! I’m hoping Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger can provide more manicure inspiration!

I used:
1 coat Wet N Wild Clear
3 coats WnW- Teal of Fortune

You can definitely tell the difference between 3 coats, and 2 coats. With 2 coats, there is a very obvious visible nail line. With 3 coats, it’s kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinda still there, but you really have to look for it. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with this polish. It’s a great color, easy to apply, and shockingly easy to remove despite it’s glitteryness. My issue with it, is that it tends to get up under your nails, and it’s stains them for a few days. Now, it didn’t with my X-Factor mani, so I’m wondering if it was more due to using a clear coat, and not a legitimate base coat on the swatch in this picture to the left. As with all of the polishes in this particular line, the formula is pretty good, if a little on the thin side. It works great on its own in 3 coats, or 1 coat would make a great layering color. The brush I have in this particular bottle isn’t any good, but the brushes in this line are great. You can still get Teal of Fortune in any store that sells the Wet N Wild core line, and it retails at $1.99 a bottle.


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  1. I like the pink on you!

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