Mattese Elite- Zombie Collection Announcement!!

Exciting news!!! This morning, Ricky’s NYC and Mattese Elite announced their new nail polish line, The Zombie Collection! Halloween is a pretty big holiday around the blog,  so I know this line will be a hit. We hope to be able to review this line very soon, but for a teaser here are our thoughts on the colors!

I’m personally excited about Living Dead and Undead Pink” (Mel)

I secretly love white polishes, so Walking Dead is pretty enticing! I think my zombie survival plan may have to include nail polish now… 😛” (Jess)

“Halloween collections excite me in general and Mattese Elite  polishes haven’t disappointed me in the past. The described ‘purple iridescence’ of Undead Pink piques my interest the most.” (Sandy)

See below for the official announcement!

“You can run but you can’t hide! Presenting the 2011 Mattese Elite Zombie Collection!

Mattese Elite has done it again with its latest collection of nail polishes! Inspired by Ricky’s NYC’s Halloween primetime, the Mattese Elite Zombie Collection features a frightening array of muted shades designed to cater to the season without the camp. Look undead in style this Halloween with Mattese Elite Zombie Collection! At just $5.99 a bottle, try one or try them all!

The Mattese Elite Zombie Collection includes:

-UNDEAD PINK, a light pink with a subtle purple iridescence.
-DEAD PUNK ROCKER, a shiny gunmetal packed with shimmer.
-DECAYING GREEN, a slightly decomposed olive green.
-LIVING DEAD, a perfect ghoulish green.
-ZOMBIE SURVIVAL, a fleshy, sheer pink.
-WALKING DEAD, a shiny, pale pearl.

Pair with one of our Mattese Elite Crackalacquers to truly complete the “Zombie” look!”

What do you guys think of the colors? Any one in particular you are excited to try?


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