Jack O’ Varnish – Gralch the Hag (Meijer’s Pumpkin Polish)

I know we say polishes surprise us all the time and many of our reviews we LOVE, but I have to say, even though I was excited about this polish, I REALLY underestimated it. Quality and holiday polishes don’t usually go together, but this one has me wishing it was Halloween year round. It’s a great formula, super festive and super fun. It is pure Halloween magic in the form of black and orange bar glitter! I used my monster name generator again, since the polishes don’t have names, and came up with Gralch the Hag, haha.

It’s amazingly easy application; easy to manipulate the glitter on the few pieces you need to, one coat gives perfect glitter coverage, and the clear base is the perfect consistency. Being that it’s only the 19th of September, I did choose to wear it on a day that I was just rocking it in the house haha, but come October, you can bet this will be getting some real action!

1 coat Seche Rebuild

1 coat Fresh Paint – Metro

1 coat Jack O’ Varnish – Gralch the Hag

1 coat Seche Vite (probably could have used 2 though to make it smoother)

Fresh Paint – Metro was my base, and I think that may have even impressed me more. Hit the jump for a review on that!

❤ Jess

There is a ton of love going on in this mani, and Fresh Paint – Metro was definitely deserving of it’s fair share! Now, being my base color, I didn’t go through my whole clean up process for the picture, but I still needed to share this gorgeous color with you! It was one of those polishes you pick up for the name and then astounds you when you put it on! Metro reminds me of my DC area home and the color suits the name quite well (I’m sure fellow metro riders will agree haha)

This is one coat of Metro over a layer of Seche Rebuild. Wearing it on it’s own, I’d probably do two just to be safe, but this is some pretty excellent coverage for one coat! It’s a perfect greige (grey beige) for my skin tone and the ease of application bumps it up even further on my LOVE THIS COLOR list haha.  I got this polish at a 5Below sale, reaffirming that barganista nails can be just as fabulous as break the bank colors!!


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  1. I bet Sandy wants this for Oriole’s manis!!!

  2. I picked this up yesterday. I didn’t use the monster name generator to name them but just made up my own names. This one I called Old Hallow’s Eve 🙂 I’m going to see if I have something similar to Fresh Paint in my collection. I really like the look of this mani.

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