Wet n Wild – On the Prowl (2011 Halloween Limited Edition) Collection swatches

Jungle Fever, Buy Me a Drink, Ready to Pounce, Tangled in My Web, Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Cougar Attack, Ink Well

Now that we’ve reviewed the entire collection and to make it easier on anyone just surfing in our blog, I wanted to make a post with the links of all the On the Prowl swatches and reviews.  Plus, it’s nice to see the whole collection together since the posts are scattered.

Overall, I think I speak for the blog when I say, this is one of the best collections ever.  Wet n Wild has really outdone itself with this one.  You can’t beat the price at 1.99 each and the search for them (though difficult at the moment) is worth it!   Melissa and I personally found ours at CVS but I’m hearing of random sightings at Rite-Aids (drug store) and Harris Teeters (grocery store).  It’s a limited edition collection for Halloween 2011, and flying off the shelves so you may have a hard time finding them.

I wasn’t disappointed in a single polish in the collection, especially the glitters.  I’d pay 5x the amount for the glitters in this collection, they are that awesome and OH MY VARNISH worthy:)  The colors are gorgeous and nothing to sneeze at either but the glitters are what makes this collection truly unique.

Links and pictures under the cut!

Click the picture for more:

Jungle Fever
(shimmery green)

Buy Me A Drink
(shimmery wine red)

Ready to Pounce
(shimmery purple)

Tangled in My Web
(black glitter)

Behind Closed Doors
(red glitter)

wnw correction tape over essie coat azure
Correction Tape
(multi-colored glitter)

wet n wild cougar attack on the prowl
Cougar Attack
(dense copper glitter)

wet n wild - ink well
Ink Well
(black creme)


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