Watermarbling – Romeo Peach Fest Mani

I had hyped on our twitter that I was getting my birthday ride on a hot air balloon yesterday and had a fierce 99 Red Balloons mani in store for it. Well the mani happened, but the winds were too strong for the balloon to go up 😦 That mani will still get posted because it’s pretty sweet! (If I do say so myself haha) Buttt since I promised a nail adventure post, I thought I’d catch up on one in my backlog 😀

Over labor day weekend, my aunt and I went to the Peach Festival in Romeo, MI. So of course I had to do a peach mani! I wanted to use my Revlon – Peach Smoothie since is smells like peaches (like, REALLY smells like peaches. It smells like you dipped your hands in peach yogurt for about 24+ hours haha) but I wanted a little nail art fun to go with it… so in came watermarbling and Orly – Rock the World!! Peach Fest was pretty delicious, even if we spent 80% of our time on the shuttle. (Really, if you ever go, avoid the shuttle. It was beyond annoying) These nails were a BIT of work for me, haha, but I think they went perfectly with the day 🙂

Pictured with deep-fried peach cheesecake!

For an explanation of watermarbling and some swatch shots, check out the jump!

❤ Jess

Watermarbling is a technique where you drop dots of nail polish into a cup of water, one on top of the other as it spreads and creates a bulls-eye,  and then you drag it into a design. You then carefully dip your nails into the glass to  pick up the design.

One of the main reasons you haven’t seen this yet on the blog is that my coordination skills SUCK and this usually ends in a massive mess for me haha. I lost a quarter of my Orly – Rock the World bottle in making this mani because it spilled while trying to switch back and forth between the Revlon and it 😦 Don’t let me fully discourage you though, youtube is full of videos of people with greater talents with it hahaha.

For mine, my hands don’t actually “match” if you couldn’t tell. I started out with a base of 2 coats Revlon – Peach Smoothie over 1 coat Seche Rebuild and then tried out different drop patterns on each hand. On my left hand I went with 2 drops Orly, one drop Revlon, one drop Orly to create my bulls-eye and then dragged in random designs. This made the Orly really POP, but also meant I had less time to play with it (less polish = quicker drying time).

On my right hand, I did 3 rounds of one Orly one Revlon and got more subdued Orly color, but more of a complex design. Also, I LOVE my ring finger on this hand;  a little air bubble got trapped in the watermarbling process, and it turned out looking a little like Jupiter 😛

It is fun for the occasional mani, but don’t expect this process too often on here unless I manage to acquire some gracefulness haha 😉


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  1. I want deep fried peach cheesecake.

    Also, love marbling!!

  2. I really like water marbling as well. This one looks great. But I hate peaches – ick!

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