Wet N Wild- Ready To Pounce

My original intent was to post Behind Closed Doors today. But because of the way the draw fell, I ended up with Ready To Pounce, and Sandy really wanted to see it. So I did a swatch, and got so excited about how much I liked it, I ended up painting both hands!!! That’s never happened to me before!!

I used:
1 coat Orly Nail Defense
2 coats WnW Ready to Pounce

Because this was swatched, there’s not a top coat. But that’s a high shine without one! Ready to Pounce is a glorious deep royal purple. The color play in the lights is varied.  It’s clearly purple in direct light, and appears black in low level lighting. This has a very subtle pinkish shimmer which is so gorgeous. The formula REQUIRES 2 coats for full opacity, but 2 thin coats. It’s also not streaky, which polishes of this nature can be. I forsee this color getting A LOT of wear within the Clique. We all like purple up in hurr, some more than others 🙂

For an accent nail, Confetti’s Tazmanian Devil would look AMAZING with this, as would Wet N Wild’s Correction Tape, which Sandy reviewed yesterday. The black glitter in Correction Tape won’t be evident, but the other colors would pop.

In case it hasn’t been made clear, I’m really a fan of this color. I can’t wait to see what Sandy and Jess can do with it and their fantastical nail art!!


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