Sinful Colors- Innocent

In the final day of Sinful Colors Sale Week Reviews, we have Innocent. I’m genuinely torn over this color. On the one hand, it’d make a great pedi color, or base for some nail art. On the other hand, it’s dangerously close to looking like the Seattle Sounders electricity kits, that I feel a little traitorous wearing it (VAMOS UNITED!!!) It’s a bit more green on the nail than it is in the bottle. This is 3 coats, which is NEEDED for full opacity. The formula is a bit thick, so it does need some babying. I’ll probably keep it in my collection and only wear it in the summer, on days when Seattle AND DC United are not playing. I’m superstitious like that. Now, you may be going “but Melissaaaaaaaaa, DCU ARE PLAYING SEATTLE THIS WEEKEND.” Yes, they are. But I’m not actually wearing this polish at this exact moment. It’s the one totally out there, not Mel color I bought during the last sale, and the current sale is going on during #HateSeattleWeek so it’s just inconvenient timing.

The Walgreen’s Sinful Colors $.99 sale ends tomorrow. At the time I composed this post, I hadn’t yet stopped in. But today IS payday, so I can’t promise that by the time this post goes live, I won’t have stopped in for a little looksie loo.


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