Wet n Wild – Correction Tape (over Essie – Coat Azure)

wnw correction tape over essie coat azure

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats Essie – Coat Azure (blue)
2 coats Wet n Wild –  Correction Tape (glitter)
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

Damn I love On the Prowl!   Especially the glitters, as glitter is definitely my thing.  I love it! (I also don’t mind glitter removal)  Here’s another swatch from Wet n Wild’s Halloween collection, Correction Tape.

Why I love Correction Tape:
1. Black square glitter
2. Pink square glitter
3. Gold hex glitter
4. Blue hex glitter

In that order!

More under the cut!

 When I look at this glitter, I just want to throw a party. lol It is so pretty, and I love the unique glitters in this thing. I don’t think I own a polish that has square glitter which is what separates this multicolored glitter from the rest of them.

wet n wild correction tape macro

macro closeup of the glitters

I used 2 coats of the glitter so if this looks too much for you, you just need 1 coat.  1 coat probably would have satisfied me but I wanted to go a little overboard for this post. 🙂  The application was typical of glitters, and I had to manipulate the glitter placement a tiny bit but it wasn’t too bad.  I layered this over 2 coats of Essie – Coat Azure which I thought was a pretty blue to put under this.  I’ve used Coat Azure before and I’ve never reviewed it, but it’s definitely one of those great application and formula’d Essies.



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