Jack O’ Varnish – Drakos of Winged Death (Jess and Meijer prep for Halloween!)

So, there are benefits to living in the tundra for a while. Benefits like PUMPKIN NAIL POLISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I read on Make Up Alley that these were coming to Meijer, I knew it was a must have for this season πŸ˜› My love of Halloween is right up there with my nail polish addiction! (Is there a more perfect holiday? No. The answer is no, haha.) Since these are only available at Meijer’s, I’ve been keeping this a little hush hush from Sandy and Mel so I could surprise them with the AWESOMENESS. The DC area has many things that I miss, but it does not have Meijers πŸ˜‰

The first one I’ve chosen to review is the blue flakie. I know, you were expecting a brand and polish name there, but these don’t have them unfortunately. SO next best thing? Online Monster Name Generator! This is now Jack O’Varnish – Drakos of Winged Death to me haha. Has a nice ring to it!

This was the first of the pumpkins I’ve tried, but I’m really impressed with the quality. Application and wearability were top-notch. I did layer this over Sinful Colors – Savage because I noticed it had a purple tint in the bottle and I wanted it blue on my nails. I did 2 coats of each (plus 2 coats of Seche since it’s a flakie and wasn’t super smooth) and I really like the results.

Click below for hints on what’s next and to see some more shots!

❀ Jess

macro shot; indoors w/ natural and artifical light

Definitely has a hint of purple on it's own

Outdoors with 2 coats of Sinful Colors - Savage underneath.

Being the great clique member (and friend haha) that I am, a couple pumpkins will be heading to the East Coast πŸ˜› I hope that Sandy will compare Drakos of Winged Death to Orly – Fowl Play (and maybeeee even her gelish top coat for smoothing the flakies winkwinknudgenudge haha) Not giving away which others are going out, but can’t wait for the surprise! haha.

Watch out for Jack O’Vanish – Gralch the Hag coming up this weekend!!!


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  1. I love the design of the bottle! Unfortunately, i think they’re unfindable in France 😦

  2. These are pretty awesome!!! And I like the Monster name Generator. I have a couple of polishes that are nameless, I may resort to this in the future.

  3. Love flakies, so I love this!!

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