Buy Me A Drink- Wet n Wild Fast Dry On The Prowl Collection

I will not lie. I listened to T-Pain’s Buy You A Drank on repeat while writing this review. I can’t help that I’m this lame sometimes. But that song holds fond memories, so I’m going with it!

As you saw previously, Sandy and I have secured the On The Prowl collection from Wet N Wild, and we are super excited about it. My friend Gina even managed to snag a bottle of Cougar Attack for me! So we are having a grand ‘ole time swatting these colors for y’all!! Sandy’s already blogged two of the glitters, Correction Tape and Tangled In My Web. First up for me is Buy Me a Drink (you have NO IDEA how hard it is not to type “drank” there).

I used:
1 coat Orly Nail Defense
2 coats WnW Buy Me a Drink
2 coats Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat (this was due to the brush falling out of the handle and having an uneven first coat.)

Click the jump for the review, and a pic of Buy Me a Drink paired with Correction Tape!

I really liked this color. It’s a pink leaning maroon, which is one of my favorite colors.  One of the things I’ve learned in the short time we’ve been blogging here at The Varnish Clique is that, sometimes, less is more. 2 coats is perfect for opacity, and my standard third would have been too much. I actually liked this color so much, I wore it for 2 days!! I did add Correction Tape the second day to spruce it up a wee bit, and I think that went pretty well. Because the base was already a dark color, the black glitter in Correction Tape didn’t show up too well, unless you had your face pressed to my hand. Which, let’s face it, would have been awkward. Here, I used 2 thicker coats of Correction Tape. There is an evident shimmer, which really makes this color pop. Buy Me a Drink is super pigmented, so clean up is a bit difficult. But if you have patience, it can be done! And the outcome is worth it!!


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