Wet n Wild On The Prowl Collection – I haz them 2! (All of them)

Jungle Fever, Buy Me a Drink, Ready to Pounce, Tangled in My Web, Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Cougar Attack, Ink Well

From l-r: Jungle Fever, Buy Me A Drink, Ready to Pounce, Tangled in My Web, Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Cougar Attack, Ink Well

Because of Mel, I had confirmation that Wet n Wild’s On the Prowl Limted Edition 2011 Halloween collection was in my area.  I had just been to my local CVS everyday before that and had gotten nothing.  But I was determined!   I queued up the top closest CVSs on my GPS and off I went!  7 CVSs in my not so immediate area later (yes 7) I came up with the entire collection.   I came up empty handed in all except the 5th and 7th one where I picked up the last bottles at each.  They were already picked over!  I am most definitely not the only nail polish fan in the area.

Anyway there they are, all 8 of them in their lovely varnishness.  When it comes to a collection I like, I don’t discriminate.  I have to have all of them even if it’s a color I might already have (Ink Well).

When I got back from the hunt, I immediately put on Tangled in My Web and WOW is it awesome, I’ll have to post a swatch later.

UPDATE: For swatches, please clique here🙂


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  1. Re: Tangled Web- RIGHT?!?! I grabbed it, figuring I’d redistribute, but decided to keep it. It will be great for DCU manis

    Can you go back and get me Cougar Attaaaaaaaaack!?!?!?!

  2. I found them all in one store thankfully but I had to go to 6 CVSs yesterday. I should have tried that one first but I went in reverse. If I remember correctly all that was left after I purchased a full set (plus a Cougar Attack for Melissa) was Ready to Pounce, Ink Well, Correction Tape & Tangled in my Web.

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