Sinful Colors – Beverly Hills tipped in Paradise

I’ve recently been made aware that my nails were starting to resemble Sandy’s. This fact was, of course, brought to my attention by Sandy haha. And it gave me a brilliant idea πŸ™‚ There has been a video circling around the nail polish web spheres about oval french tips for fall, and since Sandy loves her ovals but wasn’t sure she could ever pull off a french mani with them, I decided to fully commit to the oval nail shape and try it on myself to show her it’s totally do-able and looks FANTASTIC.

I really love this look, and the best part? If you’ve ever wrapped your nails with your polish, you’ve already got the basic idea! The main trick is to keep it thin; just having the edge done makes keeping it tidy easier (I did freehand this. On both hands.) and helps draws the eye down the nail making them look longer. Also, make sure you curve it all the way down to the edge of the nail to accentuate the oval shape πŸ™‚ I know my twist is probably a little too cotton-candy for some, but like in the video, this can be done to be totally professional too!

It even made my broken thumb nail look longer!!

One of the things I really love about writing on this blog is we get to show each other and our readers all the possibilities with our nails. Nail art can be as easy as a glitter gradient or as difficult as spending a couple hours recreating a classic Piet Mondrian composition haha. A little creativity can add a whole lot of fun to your nails and give you endless possibilities for your colors.

In keeping with Sinful Colors week reviews, make sure to check out below the jump for reviews on the polishes, not just the nail art πŸ˜‰

❀ Jess

1 coat Seche Rebuild

2 coats Sinful Colors – Beverly Hills (quickly becoming a go-to color for me! I can’t decide if it’s more pink or more purple, which means a wide range or wearability πŸ˜€ -Can I use the word pinkle?-Β  Glad I picked it up when I did; if you see it around it’s a great deal, especially on sale)

1 coat Seche Vite (I found that putting this on andΒ  letting it dry gave me a little wiggle room with the tips if I needed to clean up the lines)

tips of Sinful Colors – Paradise (really one of my favorite blues ever. Great formula, and gorgeous shade!)

1 final coat of Seche Vite


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  1. love this! I’d never be able to freehand tho. Would def have to use strips.

    And I’m totally down for using “pinkle.”

  2. I am not a fan of oval shaped nails but I really like this color combo.

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