Essie – Very Structured

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
1 coat Essie – Very Structured
1 coat Seche Vite (top)

I feel like this is the ugly stepchild of the Essie’s Brand New Bag Fall 2011 collection because no one looks at it and goes I HAVE TO HAVE IT!   Plus, Mel has most of the colors in this collection but swore this color off as “the orange one” but I don’t think this is that orange at all. It’s more dark brown/tan.  This is definitely one of those cases where the ugly stepchild defies all odds and goes on in ONE COAT and looks freakin phenomenal in real life. This child makes you wonder why it’s so underrated.

OK I don’t have any children, so I’m gonna stop talking about Very Structured as such, but this is such a pretty and surprising color.  It looks way different on your nails than in the bottle. describes the color as a “classic burnt sienna” which is a great description.  It reminds me of a high quality brown leather Chloe handbag.  The picture makes it look a lot lighter (I guess there was some natural outdoor light shining on it) than it really is.  Trust me, it’s a really nice color in real life especially if you’re tan (like me).  Bonus: it’s really office friendly!

The application/formula is incredible and exceeded my expectations.   I can’t wait to try the other colors in this collection.


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  1. hmmmmm, still not really a fan of this color. Too Orange for my liking… BUT it’s good to know that Essie formulas are 5/6 so far in the Fall line!

  2. 6/6 Case Study was a dream as well 🙂

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