To Our Readers: We <3 You!

In honor of what may be the best search engine referral to our blog ever possible, I thought it was about time we thanked you all. We’ve had our highest week yet of hits, and even if you’re drawn in for the oddest of reasons haha, I hope you’ve liked what you found 🙂 We’ve been enjoying getting this thing going and since our addictions are going nowhere soon, I think you can expect a lot more out of us! We try to put effort into what we post and hope you’re enjoying the blogging as much as the swatching 😀

No matter what you’re stopping in for, please feel free to comment or ask us to do a concept or color!! Or even ask us about us haha. Pretty sure we’d all be cool with playing a little Q&A 😉 Especially from our subscribers! (PS – you guys hold a special place in my heart for liking us enough to sign up and seeing us in your inbox on a regular basis :P)

We’ve got some good group themes coming up and our fall colors are coming out about as quick as the leaves are turning (or as quick as we can get them off the shelves!) Hope you all are looking forward to it as much as we are!!

❤ The Varnish Clique

Jess – Sandy – Mel


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