Sinful Colors- What’s Your Name

In honor of Sinful Colors being on sale for $.99 at Walgreens, I wanted to try a review some of my favorite colors I picked up in the LAST $.99 Walgreens sale. So I’m going to post short reviews, but a lot of them this week. That way if you see a color you like, you can go pick it up while the sale is on!! I’m starting off with What’s Your Name? It’s definitely one of the top 5 colors I picked up during the last sale. It’s a black jelly packed with purple and blue microglitter. I like blacks with a colored shimmer on my skintone. They don’t look as emo. I used 3 coats to make sure it was fully opaque.  As with all black polishes, wear a good top coat to prevent chipping. I didn’t use a top coat as I was just swatching, but I don’t imagine it would alter the color. This color is a definite steal at $.99, so quick!!! Go pick it up!!


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