Revlon – Facets of Fuchsia

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
1 coat Revlon – Black Lingerie
1 coat Revlon – Facets of Fuchsia
1 coat  Seche Vite (top)

Facets of Fuchsia is one of the newest must have Revlon glitters.  It’s supposed to be a Deborah Lippmann – Bad Romance dupe, which is fantastic because I am happy to save my $18 for this $3 Revlon.  Of course, I hear BR is bit more purple which makes me 😦 because I might have to get it since I love FoF so much and I love purple even more.  Yeah, I realize buying dupes makes zero sense when you already have one dupe, but I’m not the first one to want Deborah Lippmann dupes *cough*JessAndDLHappyBdaydupes*cough*

Anyway, I decided to try FoF as my Ravens game mani because honestly, the glitter looks more purple to me (and in real life) than fuchsia.   And it is perrrfect!  I layered a coat of FoF over a coat Black Lingerie (what an appropriate name for a black color base coat) because I had heard that FoF’s base color goes on pretty sheer.  This makes sense because there’s so much glitter and it isn’t masked by any black.

I highly recommend layering FoF over a black so you don’t have to do too many FoF layers to get the desired effect.  Isn’t it lovely??  And yes, that is just 1 coat of FoF and I got plenty of glitter- I didn’t even have to manipulate any of the glitter placement!

Oh, and the Ravens completely romped Steeler ass 35-7 yesterday so that was awesome too:)  I’m so glad football’s back!


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